Our Story

As former supporters and volunteers of The Animal Foundation, we  know first hand about the unethical practices taking place at the shelter.  Many of our members are even former employees.  We tried to work with The Animal Foundation, to make changes from within, but were rebuffed, banned or terminated.  We formed NKLV to educate the community about what is really happening at the shelter and to organize the community to persuade our elected officials to replace them with a more compassionate, competent organization.

A message from Arbor: Friends, as you know I have barked for many important animal causes, but there’s one cause that is especially close to my heart. As many of you know, I am a former shelter pup. I was adopted back in 2011 from the Animal Foundation, a high-kill shelter here in Las Vegas. My family and I have supported this organization, but the time has come that we must stand up for change. We cannot accept that 24,000+ of my homeless animal friends, many who are fully adoptable, healthy and loving companions, will be euthanized yearly.

I want to make it clear, this is not an attack on the Animal Foundation, there are some good people within the organization and some who are my friends. My pawrents were hoping to make a difference by working with them, but have not had success. They have personally sat down with the Executive Director of the Animal Foundation, Christine Robinson and Director of Operations, Carly Scholten, to voice their concerns and offer suggestions, however, like so many before them, their input fell on deaf ears. Even a director from an open admission shelter in Reno, NV that now has a 5% kill rate offered assistance, yet her offer was declined. When 68 lives are being taken every day, I can’t understand why help would be refused.

Now I am using my voice to help the voiceless. I love my community and know much more can be done to improve our shelter. We need a shelter with leaders who will abandon old ideologies and practices and are willing to implement policies that will lead to more lives saved. We need a shelter that values the members of the community and is willing to work collectively with them. We need a shelter that is truthful and does not mislead the public through deception. We need a shelter that focuses more of it’s resources on the care and placement of the animals. We need a shelter that is a role model, leading the community towards progress instead of blaming the community for its lack of progress. We will cover all of these points and more in detail in future posts.

We don’t have to accept that 50% of the animals that enter The Animal Foundation will die.

My family and I have come to the realization that the only way to save more lives is by asking the Board of Directors to replace upper management at the Animal Foundation. We are co-sponsoring a “Rally for Change” along with Animal Help Allianceon November 23rd from 11am – 1pm at Freedom Park in Las Vegas, NV. After we meet up we will march over to the Animal Foundation where we will engage in a peaceful rally. Everyone is invited to attend and I encourage employees and volunteers from The Animal Foundation to come too. My pawrents have been told by some in the rescue community that The Animal Foundation has threatened to revoke their pull rights if they publicly criticize the organization. Don’t let them bully you, there is strength in numbers if we all stand together. For those of you that would like to join us, please click to confirm so we can plan accordingly,https://www.facebook.com/events/235292309960623/. I want to remind everyone to please continue to adopt from the Animal Foundation, the animals are there through no fault of their own and they need heroes to save them.

I hope all of you will join me on my quest for change and cheer me on as I fight for my animal friends. This will not be easy, I am the underdog, but if we all come together I know we can make big things happen.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page (Go Vegas Dog) for more information. I am sure some of you will have questions, please post in the comments and I will be happy to answer them the best I can.

~Arbor the Advocate, the Artist, the Ambassadog of Las Vegas