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The Animal Foundation Announces Their Intent to Become a No Kill shelter!

On June 4th, 2015, Animal Foundation management held a press conference announcing their intention to become a No Kill shelter.  This is a huge victory for the animals of Las Vegas and everyone who joined our movement to force TAF to change their policies.  Make no mistake, the battle for No Kill is not over and has only just begun, but this big milestone and a complete turnaround from where the shelter was a year ago when the shelters response was, “No Kill is not possible, we tried it and it didn’t work.”

I know many of us our skeptical as to the intentions of TAF, if they can pull it off and why they are allowing such a long timeline, however, we have offered to help TAF in our new shared vision and the more of us in the community that help, the more likely we are to succeed.  If TAF is not genuine in their desire to be No Kill time will soon tell, but it should not fail because we refused help.  Five years is a long time from now, but we should start to see immediate improvements and a drastic reduction in the killing immediately.  Please continue to follow us on our Facebook pages Go Vegas Dog and NKLV for regular updates.  If you are not a member of NKLV yet, join above so we can keep you posted via email as well.

The Las Vegas Review Journal ran the announcement on the front page of their paper.   Read the story here, which credits our movement for changing the shelter’s direction.

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